The culture card

The Culture Card

Free experiences for you who are a refugee or asylum seeker and have come to Bornholm in the spring of 2022. The card provides free experiences throughout Bornholm for children, adults, young people and the elderly.

You must show ID or other proof that you are here as a refugee or asylum seeker when you receive the card. You must also show ID when using the card.

The culture card is valid: 01.04. – 01.06.2022

You can get the card at Bornholm’s Libraries and several other places. See addresses and opening hours (click) HERE



The culture card gives you free access to:

Concerts at Musikhuzet, Rønne

Selected concerts for you and your host family at Bornholms Musikhus.

Musikhuzet Bornholm, Store Torv, 3700 Rønne

See program HERE :

Send us an email about the specific concert no later than 48 hours before the event.

Do you want to volunteer? We are very happy to take you in as a volunteer at the concerts. You must be at least 16 years old. Write to



Drawing Cafe in Undreværket

Open: Every Tuesday during even weeks (April 5, April 19, May 3, May 17) 16.00-18.00

Children, young people, adults and the elderly can meet. We have paper, scissors, glue and paint as well as music, tea, coffee and cosiness. Come and draw, cut and paste… or just come and drink coffee and meet others.

Undreværket, Kirkevej 2, 3760 Gudhjem


Værftet / The Shipyard in Nexø

Free admission to Værftet’s playground and skate hall. Opportunity to participate for free in Værftet’s association activities (see link to activity calendar)

Open: Tuesday from 9-13 and Wednesday from 9-18, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9-16

Mondays from 17-19 there is a Refugee Cafe:

“Bornholm Refugee Friends” gives the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have as a newcomer to Denmark. It can be about authorities, forms etc. Children can play in the playground in the meantime.

Nexø Christian skate center, playground and café

Værftet, Kystvej 2, 3730 Nexø



Boat trip to Christiansø

Take the boat from Gudhjem Harbor and visit Christiansoe / Ertholmene. The beautiful islands are a great experience all year round. Read more here:

Please send us an email with your name, number, mobile number and email address – as well as the desired departure:

BM / S ERTHOLM from 10.04.2022 – 31.05.2022:

Departure from Gudhjem, every day at 10.00

Return from Christiansø, every day at 14.00

Limitation: Maximum 10 seats on each trip until 31.05. There may be trips where many have booked, and we will then need to refer you to another day / trip.

Einar Mikkelsensvej 25 (Gudhjem Harbour,) 3760 Gudhjem.


“Children in the north of Bornholm” / Family activities

Saturday 2/4 at 10-12: Waste collection in Tejn:

We meet at Tejn Borgerforening Nordre Strandvej 31, Tejn – where we start with coffee, juice and cake. Then we go on the waste hunt. The event ends with hotdogs at Tejn Sportclub (Tejn IF) at Skovbrynet 1, Tejn.


Limit: Maximum 6 families with children


Saturday 14/5 at 13-15: “Fantastic sheep in nature, Hammerhusvej, Sandvig:

We will visit “Hammershus-sheep” and sheep breeder Jan Seerup, who will talk about the sheep and their part in nature preservation – we round off by greeting and cuddling the lambs as well as get some snacks. If it rains, we meet at Gårdbutikken Bjergebakkevejen 2, 3700 Rønne.


Limit: Maximum 6 families with children


Easter trips d.9/4- 18/4: We have planned 5 family-friendly Easter trips, which can be done on your own when it suits you. There will be various tasks to be solved along the way, such as counting how many Easter chickens and eggs are on each route. There will be different tasks on the 5 routes. The tours will be available during Easter. There will be more info about the trips on facebook and instagram.


Bornholm Art Museum

A large collection of Bornholm contemporary art and Bornholm art from the Golden Age (1800-1850) to the present day, as well as Bornholm hand crafts.

Open: Tuesday- Sunday 10-17
Bornholms Kunstmuseum
Otto Bruuns Plads 1
3760 Gudhjem


Ceramics Museum Hjorths Fabrik

Bornholm has a long tradition as a ceramic island. See exhibitions and the workshops where the potters work. Activities for children (Note it costs extra to participate in turning pottery courses, which is not included in the offer)

Open: Thursday – Friday 10-17 and Saturday 10-14. From April 10: Monday – Saturday 10-17

Hjorths Fabrik, Krystalgade 5, 3700 Rønne



Erichsens Gaard

Historic townhouse in Rønne with a romantic, preserved garden.

Open from 6 May 2022: Friday and Saturday: 10-16 (The gate to the garden is open Monday-Thursday)

Erichsens Gård, Laksegade 7, 3700 Rønne


Bornholms Museum

Bornholm’s Cultural History Museum, where you can learn about the island’s archeology, history and culture.

Open: Monday – Friday: 13-16, Saturday: 11-15. From April 10: Monday – Saturday: 10-17

NOTE: During World War II, Bornholm was also occupied by Russia. In the exhibition “The Russians are coming!” about the bombing and occupation of Bornholm in 1945-46, there are loud noises from the bombings in Rønne and Nexø.

We would like to turn off the sound (do not play the movie) if we agree that you are a group that comes outside the museum’s opening hours. Our other guests must have the opportunity to see the film in the exhibition.

Bornholms Museum, Skt. Mortens Gade 29, 3700 Rønne


Melstedgård/Madkulturhuset Gaarden

Agricultural Museum with live animals + Center for Bornholm Food Culture

Old fashioned farm with animals (horses, cows, goats, sheep, birds). Located in the beautiful town of Melsted on the east coast. An old courtyard, a mill, authentic furniture, a blooming spring apple orchard, village food. The place especially will appeal to children.

Open from 6 May 2022: Wednesday – Sunday 10 – 16

Gaarden, Melstedvej 25, 3760 Gudhjem


Gudhjem Museum

Offers everyone with refugee status free admission to Gudhjem Museum. Exhibitions of art and of local history from Gudhjem.

Stationsvej 1, 3760 Gudhjem (right at the bus stop)



Old-fashioned amusement park with rowing boats, animals and carousels (First opens 8th May 2022)

Open from May (the 8th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 22nd and 22nd). 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29): from 11.00-17.00

Brændesgårdshaven, Højevejen 4, 3740 Svaneke

Free admission (everything else costs normal price).


More activities might be added….


Undreværket thanks all parties and cultural institutions for participating. By providing free experiences to people fleeing their homes, you help to provide experiences that can serve as a break for young and old, and hopefully can create a sense of community, hope and happiness. 

Thanks to Anna Richter and Pieter Theron for translations into Russian and English.



This is the card: