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Helene Høm “Out There”, June to September 2020

Contemporary artist Helene Høm  shows paintings and drawings. She will also be working in the studio.

Helene Høm is the fourth generation of local artists on Bornholm: painters,photographers and ceramic artists. She is part of the Hjorth family, famous for their unique way of changing and renewing modern danish ceramics.

Opening hours september: Fridays 14-18, Saturdays 12.00-17.00 (or by appointment +45 26 13 18 83)

“Out there”: is about man’s relationship with nature in the 21st century.

The nature around us, the nature we live by, the nature of our human bodies, and the nature that through all times connected man with mystery, the inexplicable.

The art works were created over a year, that turned the world up side down and changed human consumption, awareness and environmental consciousness.

While the anthropocene era now collapses all over the globe – because of a current pandemic – Helene Høm looks into the local life of Gudhjem: A small place between heaven and sea.


Opening hours til 19. september:

Fridays & Saturdays : 14.00-17.00


During Bornholm Culture Week 2020:

Friday, 11. & Saturday, 12. september kl.14-17

Thursday, 17., Friday 18. & Saturday, 19. september kl.14-17

UNDREVÆRKET is a former church space in pittoresque Gudhjem on the rocky east coast of Bornholm.

Thomas Danielsen and Helene Høm, both professional artists, grew up on Bornholm and worked internationally for several years till they in 2016  opened Undreværket for theatre and art work.

YOU CAN FIND Undreværket in one of Gudhjems beautiful small streets between the cinema and the church.

Undreværket – Kirkevej 2 – 3760 GUDHJEM – Tel. +45 16 13 18 83