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New Bornholm paintings by Helene Høm, 2021. Summer exhibition in Undreværket, Gudhjem.


“… If the horizon is my ‘form’, then all the mystery of the sight of it is my substance.”

Opening hours June 5. – August 14. 2021. Wednesday to Saturday 12 – 4 pm + Bornholm Culture Week. Changes may occur.



Helene Høm (b. 1972) experiments between the understandable and abstraction in a working process, where motifs, colors and ornaments are mixed ind order to let subtle impressions and themes emerge – often with elements of mystery.

The landscapes and the daily life around Gudhjem are used for her picturesque studies that wander between the careful and the spontaneous. This year, her focus is on the horizon, that cuts through every view on Bornholm and the magic line, that separates the sea’s flowing reflections from the endless “cloud theater” of the sky.

Helene Høm is the fourth generation in an artist family that goes back to Hjorths Keramik in Rønne and the Bornholm painters.

She acquired a postmodernistic and deconstructive approach at her BA- education as a performer at the Norwegian Theater Academy in 2001-2004. Methods and expressions from visual art, architecture and installation art were used in the work with performance and theatre. As part of that, Helene Høm started painting during her education, with the swedish artist Hans-Ove Granath as professor and mentor.

After working for more than 25 years interdisciplinary with art and theater – with as many hours in the atelier as on stage – Helene Høm decide to establish as a visual artist in Gudhjem in 2018.

Undreværket – Kirkevej 2 – 3760 GUDHJEM – Tel. +45 16 13 18 83