Work on your performance or art project on the danish island Bornholm: We rent our working space to danish and international artists , who wants to work on their performances or art projects in Gudhjem.

Our dream is to create an appartment for the artists upstairs, but until that is a reality, we can help you to find accomodation in Gudhjem to fair prices.

The space is B: 7,90 m x D :8,30 H 265/2,45 , wooden floor, eight windows (that can be fully darkened) and a wall mirror.

Please contact us for further information about prices and schedules.


GUDHJEM is one of Denmarks most pittoresque villages.

In the 1930´s  the village attactred visual artists and painters, who started a whole new era in danish painting under the remarkable different and inspiring sorroundings.

Today you will experience a unique local life in Gudhjem, sorrounded by an impressive nature – with forests, beaches and steep rocky coasts. Bornholm is in these years a center for danish gourmet kitchen, sustainable technologies, cultural events and new out door activities .The  island attracts professional artists, young biological farmers, up coming beer brewers and creative small family businesses.