Collage Spillerum 2017  Foto: Alma Danielsen and Rune Schytte

An improvised performance for Bornholm’s Culture Week with the theme: SPACE.

In five days, Thomas Danielsen and Helene Høm developed a visual and humorous performance in which Undreværket’s premises and rooms played a large part. How does the eye scientifically perceive space? What is real space(!) to act for two experienced performers? How do you find space in your over loaded calendar? And where is the right space to die?

Production: Undreværket, Idea & cast: Helene Høm & Thomas Danielsen, Set design & costumes: Helene Høm. Music: Mediterrainian Ensbemble Supported by: Bornholms Culture Week.
Thanks to: Bornholms Teater and to actress Charlotte Munksgaard (Teater Får302), who should have participated, but had to cancel at the last minute.